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Thanks for the excellent summary. One of these days I'll make it to a 

I followed with interest your link to the Edubook. The company seems to 
be targeting value added resellers, pointing out the ability to re-skin 
or modify so much. I was also interested in the XCore86 heart of the 
device, and it seems to be developed by the same company, and is 
available for evalutation at $65. Along with a carrier board that 
provides all the standard IO ($25) you have the makings of your very own 
computer in whatever form factor you wish.


For a hacker, I find this very compelling. For instance, I have an old 
Panasonic Toughbook, I think the very first model. It's way too slow to 
be used for anything. I could take the guts out, add the XCore86, and 
have a reasonable laptop that I can drive my car over without causing 

Thanks again,

On 07/04/2010 03:09 PM, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
> Hi all,
> At the meeting today we had myself, John, George and Jim,
> George had accidentally shut off the wireless on the OLPC
> machine he has and though John helped point out the problem
> Jim resolved it finally..
> I booted up the Linux Pro 6 pack of Ubuntu 10.04 and
> used Virtual Box to demo the other 3 varieties Mythbuntu,
> Xubuntu and and Kubuntu. The other two system Lubuntu
> and Ubuntu Studio have to be burned to CD to boot. I hadn't
> quite had time to do this so we have to do without at this
> meeting.
> I also showed off a copy of the sign for the meeting I
> made and plan with Jim's assistance to produce a bookmark
> sized version with contact information which seemed to light
> Jim's fire,
> There are two interesting machines to be available soon
> One is a netbook with AA cells instead of the standard integrated
> battery and a low price.
> <http://www.norhtec.com/products/gecko/index.html>
> Looks good. and can use both recharable AAs and a
> special more standard battery.
> The other is a Lenova netbook running a base of Windows but the
> detachable tablet is Linux and gets 8 hours of functionality
> away from the base.
> <http://www.Linux-magazine.com/Online/News/Lenovo-Skylight-First-Netbook-with-ARM-CPU>
> Well I have looked at the site and the detachable tablet is not
> mentioned. I also
> downloaded the movie and the tablet is not mentioned but it is a very
> slim and light
> netbook.
> Blind Drivers Will become Reality - they do it with computers
> of course.
> Once a bad joke now is close to reality. DMV tests will have to
> change when the whole system is up and running, That may take
> longer than building thehardware systems.
> <http://cbs5.com/technology/driving.blind.cars.2.1785337.html>
> later
> Bobbie Sellers
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