[sf-lug] Meeting news and Driving for the blind.

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Sun Jul 4 15:09:16 PDT 2010

     Hi all,
	At the meeting today we had myself, John, George and Jim,
	George had accidentally shut off the wireless on the OLPC
machine he has and though John helped point out the problem
Jim resolved  it finally..
	I booted up the Linux Pro 6 pack of Ubuntu 10.04 and
used Virtual Box to demo the other 3 varieties Mythbuntu,
Xubuntu and and Kubuntu.  The other two system Lubuntu
and Ubuntu Studio have to be burned to CD to boot.  I hadn't
quite had time to do this so we have to do without at this

	I also showed off a copy of the sign for the meeting I
made and plan with Jim's assistance to produce a bookmark
sized version with contact information which seemed to light
Jim's fire,
	There are two interesting machines to be available soon
One is a netbook with AA cells instead of the standard integrated
battery and a low price.

	Looks good. and can use both recharable AAs and a
special more standard battery.

	The other is a Lenova netbook running a base of Windows but the
detachable tablet is Linux and gets 8 hours of functionality
away from the base.

	Well I have looked at the site and the detachable tablet is not mentioned.  I also
downloaded the movie and the tablet is not mentioned but it is a very slim and light

	Blind Drivers Will become Reality - they do it with computers
of course.

     Once a bad joke now is close to reality.  DMV tests will have to
change when the whole system is up and running,  That may take
longer than building thehardware systems.


     Bobbie Sellers

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