[sf-lug] Turning off the bell in the X Window System

John Magolske b79net at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 16:53:19 PDT 2010

* John Magolske <b79net at gmail.com> [100630 15:24]: 
> I tried  `xset b off` and ` $ xset -b` to no avail.
> I'd really like to set up my machine so that it never makes any
> such beeping sound ever. Ok, well maybe when the battery is at a
> dangerously low level. I've accomplished this in the console with
> `setterm -blength 0`, and would like to do the same in X.

One option I've come across is to blacklist the pcspkr module in
/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ... which I haven't tried yet. Ideally
I'd like to just turn off the bell, as there have been a few occasions
where I forgot to plug in the AC adapter, the battery ran down to a
very low level, and it was only the beeping that alerted me in time.
But blacklisting that module may be the only solution at this point,
as I believe this is a bug:

Bug#564464: x11-xserver-utils: xset b no longer sets bell qualities


John Magolske

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