[sf-lug] droid phones: HTC or Moto?

jim jim at well.com
Tue Jun 29 10:24:08 PDT 2010

   i believe today is the day that my cellphone 
contract lets me upgrade. i wanna android because 
i like the buzz (google policies in general seem 
a cut above most other techy corporations). 
   any opinions: why choose either the HTC 
incredible or the Motorola droid phone? 

   what's this to do with linux? i believe the 
OS of both phones is linux-based, yes? 
   i've learned not to be hopeful that some 
small mobile device with linux will present a 
bash shell and some way to plug in a keyboard 
and mouse and maybe even a display. 
   sure would be nice to transfer files using 
an ext? format and also nice to ssh into the 
thing from my computer. 
   what am i missing, i.e. what do people do 
with these things that my vt100 style doesn't 

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