[sf-lug] LXDE Rocks !

Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 20:51:05 PDT 2010

I just was trying Ubuntu server ppc  for an old g3 --  the Gnome
Desktop default was way too slow, but I found these LXDE packages and
they worked good so I put them on my g4 powerbook too. Wow, great !
Gnome is so slow !

Debian has them too (that's what the g4 is running, the only reason I
used ubuntu for the g3 powerbook was that the pc-card wifi was broken
on debian) -- my g4 is running squeeze. Its really nice there.

Another good newish lightweight tool I just found is links2. Unlike
the other members of the lynx family this one runs in graphical or
text mode. No javascript though (but that support in Elinks wasn't
working too well for me anyway). bbc.co.uk takes you to a simplified
version of their site with text and pictures only (no "flashy" stuff).
Links2 can also do gmail pretty well.
Graphical mode also includes buttons and a pull down menu.


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