[sf-lug] Found an Asentia J10

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Thu May 20 16:05:40 PDT 2010

On 05/20/2010 03:41 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Bobbie Sellers (bliss at sfo.com):
>> I get a kick from playing with  these old systems which
>> someone might be able to use for e-mail and word processing
>> and light weight browsing.
> Using Win95 and low-end 15-year-old productivity software, sure, but
> you're going to be horribly frustrated launching _even_ Linux kernel +
> X11 + Blackbox + AbiWord, and that's _after_ somehow scrounging a pair
> of 16 MB SIMMs to bring you up -- and I use the word loosely -- to 32MB
> RAM.

     Have you heard of BasicLinux?
     Runs in as little as 3 MiB another version demands 12 MiB.


     Easy to find the simms; harder to find the $ for them.
     Battery costs the same so I won't do too much unless that battery
has some life left. :-)

> Do you even have a rough conception of the RSS footprint of lightweight
> word-processors, browsers, and e-mail clients in 2010?  I think you're
> underestimating that requirment -- unless your idea of lightweight
> applications is vi, lynx, and elm.

     I am not asking about 2010 systems which I know take a lot more
room.  I am talking ancient versions with ancient requirements as
have BasicLinux setups.  Remember that on this notebook form factor
I have a 2009.1 Mandriva setup with a full set of user level tools
and 4 GiB of ram with the AMD 64 x 2 (cores).

>> As for the age certainly you are correct about that but in a Third
>> World Nation they would be happy to see this.
> That would be a relevant point if shipping to third-world nations (and
> curb-to-curb pickup) were free of charge.

     I think a way could be found to put this into hands that need such
a tool whether locally or overseas.  That is if I can get it into good
enough shape to pass it on,
     That is why I asked Christian if he though he could do something
with it.

> As it is, in _this_ country, even PII and PIII systems have been getting
> dumpstered in massive numbers.  Good luck with your P75, but I'm
> currently drawing the line at one decade (currently PIII).

     Well that is folly.  I mean the dumping.
     On the 1 decade of tolerance you are free to set your limits
of course, however you please.
     But my mom always took in stray dogs that looked like
they had a week of useful life.  I unfortunately am allergic
to dogs and so must enact my salvage on less animate

>>      Gotta go thank my Norwegian friend.
> My Tante Bjorg warned me to never trust those Norwegians.  ;->

     Alas I was not so warned but Odd is a good friend and came
up with 3 or 4 useful suggestions


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