[sf-lug] mutt and postfix

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 15:44:57 PDT 2010

thanks for the reply; Unfortunately what you suggested made no difference.
The thing that makes this so frustrating is that the exact same configuration on a different machine works with no problems. 
While I was at it, I tried you suggested modification on the old (working) machine and your suggested change broke its functionality. (Another datum that might prove useful to someone.) Here's the specifics:

alex at dd4500s:/etc$ sudo tail /var/log/mail.log
Apr 24 15:29:56 dd4500s postfix/master[16529]: daemon started -- version 2.6.5, configuration /etc/postfix
Apr 24 15:38:36 dd4500s postfix/pickup[16532]: 0B34593D75: uid=1000 from=<alex>
Apr 24 15:38:36 dd4500s postfix/cleanup[16548]: 0B34593D75: message-id=<20100424223835.GA16535 at kleico.net>
Apr 24 15:38:36 dd4500s postfix/qmgr[16533]: 0B34593D75: from=<alex at kleico.net>, size=40914, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 24 15:38:36 dd4500s postfix/smtp[16551]: fatal: valid hostname or network address required in server description: smtp:[mailout.easydns.com]:20025
Apr 24 15:38:37 dd4500s postfix/master[16529]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/smtp pid 16551 exit status 1
Apr 24 15:38:37 dd4500s postfix/master[16529]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/smtp: bad command startup -- throttling
Apr 24 15:38:37 dd4500s postfix/qmgr[16533]: warning: private/smtp socket: malformed response
Apr 24 15:38:37 dd4500s postfix/qmgr[16533]: warning: transport smtp failure -- see a previous warning/fatal/panic logfile record for the problem description
Apr 24 15:38:37 dd4500s postfix/error[16552]: 0B34593D75: to=<akleider at sonic.net>, relay=none, delay=1.1, delays=0.07/1/0/0.02, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (unknown mail transport error)


--- On Sat, 4/24/10, Akkana Peck <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote:

> From: Akkana Peck <akkana at shallowsky.com>
> Subject: Re: [sf-lug] mutt and postfix
> To: sf-lug at linuxmafia.com
> Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010, 2:37 PM
> Alex Kleider writes:
> > Apr 24 14:08:07 plug postfix/smtp[14441]: 67FE250411:
> to=<akleider at sonic.net>,
> relay=none, delay=1159, delays=1139/0.1/20/0, dsn=4.4.3,
> status=deferred (Host or domain name not found. Name service
> error for name=mailout.easydns.com type=MX: Host not found,
> try again)
> > 
> > .. which suggests that relayhost is not properly set
> in /etc/postfix/main.cf but it is set:
> > relayhost = mailout.easydns.com:20025
> I'm not an expert on this, but you might try
> relayhost = smtp:[mailout.easydns.com]:20025
> That disables MX lookups, in case it's easydns's MX record
> that's
> causing the problem. It looks like it might be giving
> inconsistent
> results -- dig -t MX mailout.easydns.com is giving fairly
> different
> results for me and for a friend trying it at the same
> time.
>     ...Akkana
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