[sf-lug] Has anyone configured a HP LJ P1006 to Ubuntu 9.04 or 6.06?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Mar 15 13:26:01 PDT 2010

Quoting Mikki McGee (mikkimc at earthlink.net):

>    Well, I blundered again.  I bought a HP LJ P1006, forgetting that
> Hewlett Packard refuses to support Linux.

1.  Sad to say, it's a not a great printer.  Can you return it?  Or sell
it and get another one?

2.  The term 'support' in the above context has strictly bureaucratic 
meaning, i.e., it means they're not willing to answer questions that 
are Linux-centric.  That doesn't mean solutions to your problems don't 
exist; it merely means they're not willing to find them for you.  It's 
just like with (many) ISPs:

On point #1:  The LaserJet P1005 relies on the "XQX" stream wire protocol 
from Hewlett-Packard and Software Imaging, which is rather new, is
_very_ new on Linux[1], and consequently the software to implement it 
is immature.  Here are the two relevant pages:

The driver you'll need is 'foo2xqx', which is a software engine that
converts page output to an "XQX" data stream.

The second page cited claims to have comprehensive instructions for 
downloading, compiling, and installing the necessary software.  If this 
process sounds too involved, then your better option might be to get a
less-challenging printer.

I would strongly recommend researching printer support before buying.
Go to the store, jot down on paper the models you're considering, come
home, and look them up in the http://www.openprinting.org/printers
database _before_ putting down money.

[1] Hardware companies often fail to cooperate with open-source driver
coders, because the latter usually resist signing non-dislosure
agreements and want to develop open source drivers, which the
manufacturers fear will expose their hardware secrets.  So, it's common
for Linux drivers to be developed starting only _after_ the hardware
hits the open market, through reverse-engineering.  The resulting
drivers are often very good, but take a while to develop and debug.

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