[sf-lug] THANK YOU Re: Has anyone configured a HP LJ P1006 to Ubuntu 9.04 or 6.06?

Mikki McGee mikkimc at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 15 06:45:29 PDT 2010

Hi; All;

Mikki McGee wrote:
>     Well, I blundered again.  I bought a HP LJ P1006, forgetting that 
> Hewlett Packard refuses to support Linux. I was reminded of that when 
> I asked HP for some help.  I am using eeeBuntu 3.1, which I am told is 
> Ubuntu 9.04.  The desktop computer is comfortably 6.06.
>      have been trolling the internet, as best I can, and come up with 
> a configuration note for Ubuntu 9.10 being configured for this 
> printer.  Before I start doing things, I would like to know, has 
> anyone configured a HP LJ P1006 to Ubuntu 9.04 or 6.06?
> Bless All
> Mikki
    Thanks for the responses.  I am sure they will be helpful, when I am 
forced to face the HP Laserjet.  Right now I have a gift HP deskjet, 
which uses too much ink even in "draft" mode."  Some of you offered me 
sites which I will be investigating as I go.  Thanks. 

    Others commented on not enough data for 'diagnosis"  Well, the thing 
sits there. The light goes on when the power button is pushed, Both 
versions of Ubuntu (6.06 and eeeBuntu 9.04) found, recognized and said 
the printer was installed and ready.  And the lump sat there. Period. 
(At least it didn't giggle, nor burp.) The sites I did find made the 
same comment:   It sat there, for them, until they changed CUPS 
versions.  Now I have to try to figure out how to do that safely, and 
configure one if that is necessary.  More gadget reading.

    Some rushed to the defense of HP support.  This is the voice of HP: 

Hello Mikki,
Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

Mikki, I regret to inform you that we do not support Linux Operating System.
However, I would request you to please visit the link provided below.
If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will 
be happy to assist you further.
For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, 
please visit our Web site at:

/*Also spracht HPTC.*/

    In explanation, I am not, nor can be a Universal Person.  */I can't 
do everything/*, and can't simultaneously study lichens and other 
Natural History (which seems to demand full "free time" between screams 
of frustration) and devote full time - or even much part time - to the 
excessive demands of either Microscope Technology, nor Computer 
Technology.  I use gadgets */if they permit,/* and study lichens.  I 
read a lot of fiction, but find that wile that engages the front, the 
back of the "brain" (whatever that is) is churning away, and I get 
"Eureka" moments, rush to the microscope, and try another way. 

    Thanks again for all the support. 

Bless All


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