[sf-lug] DSL suggestions for San Francisco

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Feb 24 11:01:35 PST 2010

Quoting jason stone (jasonstone at gmail.com):

> Their technical support is excellent and local.

I wonder how they treat their employees, these days.  Nine years back,
not so good.


Interesting excerpt:

   "The most widely shared concern among the Sonic staff was Sonic's
   salaries and rates of pay. Wages in the tech support department were
   said (in jest, but accurately) to be competitive with Burger King, but
   not Hot Dog on a Stick. Operations staff wages were among the lowest in
   the field, less than 50% of the median for system administrators, and
   40% of the median for programmers."

(Obviously, it's all unverified, but the page struck me as having the
proverbial ring of truth about it.)

Me, I still love Raw Bandwidth Communications for my static IP aDSL line
that runs to the server farm at my house (and provides house bandwidth
from there).

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