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David Hinkle hinkle at cipafilter.com
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The market in my home area is good, it's just that I'm at the top of the heap and there's no way up from here without going elsewhere.

I pitched the product I'm currently working on to my employer over 10 years ago, and it's been very successful, but I don't feel like I'm growing as a person here anymore.

If it wasn't for this product though, I'd have to have moved long ago.   Chicago is also a place I'm considering, it's much closer to home, but if I'm going to move I might as well move to where all the action is.  Plus, I love the ocean, and I think I would love the weather.  And I've never seen a mountain :)

Sure, the market is off its highs, but the valley is still the home of more of the big players than anywhere else in the world.  There's some beautiful nature reserves out there, and there's always the ocean.


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Quoting David Hinkle (hinkle at cipafilter.com):

> That's why I'm trying to connect with the Linux community directly
> from the San Francisco area.  

Don't assume that the job market here is necessarily better.  It may not
be.  The dot-bomb and then the more-recent cutbacks have taken their toll.

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