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Hi David,
Well, I'd skip applying to Jobs. They get hundreds of people applying for a position, and the people who initially see are just out of college with a degree in Art History, just like the insurance company people who approve medical procedures. But I digress. I have been told, but never tried, if you list a degree, or other skills, in white type, the electronic scanners, that reject most of the resumes, will accept your resume.

Also, put your resume on Craigslist!!!! Don't apply to the positions. Recruiters, and Hiring Managers, scan that list. It works. Every 3 days is what they allow.


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>> What
kind of work are you looking for? Are you applying directly to companies? Is
your resume out there? 

I’m looking for development work, primarily in the area of my
specialties which is networking or embedded Linux.  I have a great deal of
experience developing successful products.   I also have an interest in
robotics, I’m not an expert in electronics but I’ve designed a circuit board or
two for commercial projects and have experience programming a variety of
microcontrollers in C and Assembly. (I’m never going to program a
microcontroller in assembly again.  Seriously.  Never again.  Never.  Unless
you’re very rich.  Then maybe. J)  The TV club up here tried to get me
to write them some microcontroller code in assembly once,  I just couldn’t do
it.  I think I’ve got assembly PTSD from the time I spent 3 weeks with the disassembled
binary HAL from the Atheros driver to fix the damn timing bug when setting long
distances years ago.
As for exactly what, I’m open to ideas.   The project just has
to be interesting. J   I know it’s nebulous but I’m looking for a project I can get
excited about.   Of course, being such an unusual character, it is pretty much
impossible to guess what I may find interesting before hand, so if anybody
knows of something going down just pitch it to me.    
I’m also looking to work with a team, either as a leader or a
member is fine, but having some other developers in the mix is important to me. 
Here at home I’m always the go to guy, and I’m really looking forward to the possibility
of working with some other experts in the field.  if I can go to an environment
where I can have the opportunity to learn from others and not just teach that
would be a big plus for me.
I’ve got my resume on Dice, and I’ve been applying to positions
that sound interesting, but as I said, it’s a rare HR person that doesn’t chuck
my resume in the dust bin because I’m not degreed.   I’ll go ahead and paste a
text copy of my resume  below for those that may be interested in helping me
out.  I had this written by one of those professional resume writers so it’s
pretty markety.   Everybody says this is the way to go, but I’m not sure.  What
do you guys think about it?
East Moline, Illinois 
drachs at gmail.com
Visionary, results-producing Senior Software Developer with an
exceptional background in conceptualizing and developing widely marketable
products using Linux, Internet, and database technologies with particular
attention to embedded electronics, connectivity, communications, and robotics.
Created CIPAFilter, an educational firewall utilized nationwide by academic
institutions. Outstanding ability to quickly read, comprehend, and debug code
written by other developers. Excellent communication, leadership, analytical,
critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Willing to relocate and to
consider travel.
Programming Languages: Multi-threaded C & C++, Flex, Shell
Scripting, Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP
Database:  SQL, Postgresql Access, Crystal Reports
Platforms: Linux, Embedded Software, UNIX
Web Technologies: PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript 
Networking: TCP/IP, IP, Ethernet, Routing, Firewalls, OSPF, BGP
Other: Open Source Software, Subversion/CVS, Visual Studio
* Facilitated unprecedented growth and changed the whole
complexion of DerbyTech, now known as CIPAFilter, by conceptualizing and
creating CIPAFilter, an educational firewall product providing content
filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, network monitoring, and email archival
functions, currently a national brand in educational routers, displacing Cisco
and Norton products daily.
* Wrote entire code for CIPAFilter until 2008 when headcount was
increased, by heavily leveraging GPL software where possible, but also wrote
massive customized Linux code that runs on the unit; additionally developed and
maintain a Windows client application providing workstations with real time
virus scanning, and enhanced authentication and logging support. http://cipafilter.com.
* Architected a $1+ million wireless network, Edunet, that
connects 20 school districts in Illinois to Carl Sandburg College, and provides
commercial Internet to a rural service area of 3000 - 6000 square miles, by
designing the routers using Linux running on a soekris embedded platform with
Atheros Madwifi compatible wireless cards, decompiling the binary wireless
driver hardware access layer into assembly, modifying the wireless drivers to
extend the range of the 802.11b cards up to 30 miles, and routing the network.
* Won the Edunet contract against competition such as Motorola
by bidding half the price, yet maintaining a close to 50% profit margin
* Additional innovation includes this network carrying two
layers of routes, one layer for routing the commercial customers on the network
out of the pop in Iowa, and another for routing the educational customers out
of two fully redundant and geographically separate government pops in Illinois. http://cscedunet.net
* Founded Bandwidthd, an open source network traffic monitoring
application that has been included in several distributions of Linux, and has
been downloaded from Sourceforge over 165,000 times since released in late
* Bandwidthd differentiates itself by providing specific
information including which customers are using the pipe and how much is
utilized by the customer, with each IP address having its own graph breaking
down bandwidth usage by protocols such as Mail, P2P, Web, and VPN.  
* Current version of Bandwidthd is installed on all company routers
and is used to generate and interpret the data that drives the Edunet coverage
maps with the ability to view traffic flow from any router on the network,
broken down by user or protocol; aggregate information is used to color code
the links between towers to indicate the ratio of current throughput to max
CIPAFILTER (Formerly DerbyTech), East Moline, Illinois, 2000 -
Senior Software Developer
* Hired initially to consult on an 802.11b wireless router
project, subsequently growing into DerbyNet, a commercial 802.11b ISP that
serves over 6000 square miles of rural Illinois and Iowa with high speed
wireless Internet.  
* Developed CIPAFilter, originally as an adaptation of the
DerbyNet router to meet the CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) standards
mandated by Congress in 2000.  
* CIPAFilter is currently the legacy product, a full blown
anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall, content filtering, email archival and
monitoring appliance marketed to academic institutions nationally, regularly
replacing Cisco and Norton products.
HARRINGTON SIGNAL, Moline, Illinois, 2000 - 2001
Software Developer (Contract) 
* Short-term contract to replaced Senior Administrator in MRP
overhaul while existing Assistant was trained for the position.
* Corrected MRP challenges in inventory, on-time delivery,
forecasting, planning, and order tracking.
* Facilitated forecasting of 1200+ products and 25,000
components by writing custom software in Visual Basic.
* Provided accurate job cost allocation of factory personnel by
developing a bar-coded labor tracking and payroll system.
JANCY ENGINEERING, Davenport, Iowa, 1998 - 2000 
Network Administrator
* Developed a sales analysis system integrated with the MRP
package that the company continues to currently use; contacted long afterward
to migrate the project to the web.
* Maintained PCs and MRP software.
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