[sf-lug] Pictures Re: Defective by Design protest of the latest DRM'ed Apple product [San Francisco, Jan. 27, 2010]

Usr Bin Sh usr.bin.sh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 23:00:05 PST 2010

For any one who's curious, here are some pictures:

Five of us were there: John Sullivan of FSF and four volunteers. We
walked with posters and distributed Defective By Design flyers. I
enjoyed the experience: people, who came to the event and passers by,
were curios about the protest and asking questions. My biggest
surprise - the crowd wasn't that big. (I recall some time ago at the
MacWorld the line was going from inside of Moscone to the street and
around the block, down to the Mission Street.)

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 4:35 PM, Usr Bin Sh <usr.bin.sh at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's forward from FSF (hope I'm not duplicating similar message!)
> Regards!
> --
> Pavel
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Next week we have two great opportunities for free software activists to
> get out and make a difference.
> Washington, DC
> Tuesday, January 26th 8:45am-10:45am
> ITIF, 1101 K Street, Washington, DC 20005, Suite 610
> Help us counteract misinformation! Anti-commons pundit Milton Mueller
> will give a speech on "info-communism" and what he thinks is wrong with
> free software -- we want volunteers on hand with literature to educate
> attendees about what free software really is and why user freedom is
> critical for a free society.
> Please send a note to campaigns at fsf.org to let us know you're coming!
> San Francisco
> Wednesday, January 27th, 9:45am-1pm (times are approximate, we don't
> know how late this event will run yet)
> Yerba Buena Arts Center Theater in Downtown San Francisco
> Join us for a Defective by Design protest of the latest DRM'ed Apple
> product! Given Apple's history, the new product they're unveiling will
> undoubtedly impose DRM and restrict software freedom. We want to be on
> hand to educate attendees and passers-by, and to direct media attention
> to how Apple's plans impact user freedom.
> Please send a note to info at defectivebydesign.org to let us know you're
> coming!
> We'll announce more details in the coming days on defectivebydesign.org
> and http://identi.ca/group/dbd.
> Remember volunteering is even more fun when you do it with a friend, so
> bring someone with you!
> Thanks for supporting free software,
> John Sullivan

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