[sf-lug] New Years resolutions (& less Microsoft pain)

jim jim at well.com
Sun Jan 24 09:30:58 PST 2010

excellent idea to resist giving advice 
to help users of MSFT products. 

On Sat, 2010-01-23 at 22:36 -0800, Michael Paoli wrote:
> I'm not big on New Years resolutions (why wait to start?),
> but one I promised myself for this year - cut way way way
> down on any unpaid Microsoft support (e.g. "friends and family"
> - not that it's particularly less painful when paid for).
> Lost far too many hours, day(s), and weekends to dealing with
> ugly messes greatly aided by Microsoft's general and repeated
> failures at attempting to be an operating system (notably chronic
> repeated security failures; and software, files, and configurations
> thereof that continue to have poor to zero documentation available
> to the public).
> So, ... resisting the temptation to say something that might be
> useful about XP (besides, I don't think this would be the forum
> for that anyway).
> And yes, did finally convert one long hold-out friend to jump from
> Microsoft to Linux (only took about 21 years - but enough damage via
> Microsoft finally made for another convert).
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