[sf-lug] kudos to kqed for supporting Linux for streaming audio

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Sun Jan 10 16:18:31 PST 2010

Eric Walstad wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 1:29 PM, Michael Shiloh
> <michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Perhaps this is old hat to some of you, but I was very pleased to see Linux
>> listed here:
>> www.kqed.org/radio/listen
> Bravo!  Although I've found I can listen to many radio streams that
> don't specifically mention Linux it is nice to see my favorite OS
> listed as being supported.
> I found contact info here:
> http://www.kqed.org/about/contact/
> EW
    Thanks for the reminder, Eric I had something there
that I had meant to look up, the show about Geoff Muldaur
that sounded so copacetic to me as I was too busy to
take notes.

    Bobbie Sellers

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