[sf-lug] system beep

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 10 15:19:37 PST 2010

--- On Sat, 1/9/10, Alison Chaiken <alchaiken at gmail.com> wrote:

> Are those of you who hear the terminal bell when echoing
> \007 or \a
> into a shell using KDE?
> Using Fedora 11 and gnome,  I hear no sounds no matter
> which of Alex's
> and Akkana's suggestion I type at a gnome-terminal. 
>   This is despite
> the fact that when I right-click in the gnome-terminal and
> call up the
> default profile, the "Terminal bell" is checked. 
>   I also have
> "Enable window and button sounds" checked on the "Sound
> Effects" tab
> of the gnome Sound Preferences dialog.    That
> means that *sometimes*
> when I iconify or open a new window, I hear the alert
> noise.
> Clicking the "close" button on the Sound Preferences causes
> it hang
> more than half the time, with extensive output from ALSA
> and
> pulseaudio in /var/log/messages.
> I care about this problem since in the last couple of weeks
> I wrote my
> own alarm-clock script.     Undoubtedly
> I should stop complaining and
> upgrade to F12, which may fix these problems.
> -- 
> Alison Chaiken
> (650) 279-5600  (cell)     

I run Gnome but the same thing works using a virtual terminal (CTRL-ALT-F1.)

This all came up because I also have been trying to write an alarm script.
As I see it there are two possible ways to implement the solution:
1. do some math on time and use the at command (which wasn't working but I think I can now get it to work by writing to the device rather than the terminal.)
2. calculate the time and then just do a sleep for the requisite number of seconds (which I'm guessing won't be as acurate.) The job can be put into the background.

I'd be interested in how you implemented yours. Would you be willing to send your script to me? I'd be happy to give you mine if you have any interest in it.



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