[sf-lug] I need a quick piece of code..

jim jim at well.com
Wed Dec 30 23:02:37 PST 2009

   specifically, given your claims, just use the 
tail -1 
command, which will return the last line in the 
file, in this case the one with the number. 

   more generally, if you know the file is regular 
(and the nature of the regularity), you can 
probably set up a command or little shell script 
to get what you want. if your file is 21 lines in 
the form of string, blank, numbers, you could try 
head -3 | tail -1 
as a base and maybe put something like it in the 
body of a for loop, kind of like 

for i in 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 
head -$i | tail -1 >> numbers 

   even more generally, use grep with some regular 
expression (depending on the nature of the number 
the file contains and whether it's on a line by 
itself or whatever..., left as an exercise for the 
readers, a few of whom will, no doubt, provide 
examples with some optional derision pointed my way. 

On Wed, 2009-12-30 at 22:25 -0800, John F. Strazzarino wrote:
> I have a three line text file
> This is a test
> blank line
> 123456
> The last line of the file is a number and I need just that number....
> I know that this must be a combo of tail and grep 
> Can anyone help......nothing fancy is needed...
> \\
> Thanks
> John
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