[sf-lug] Any book suggeswtions for someone who wants to learn how to install & maintain Linux?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Dec 14 21:38:50 PST 2009

Quoting Anthony Faber (antfaber at yahoo.com):

> I started out in the DOS days, and can usually muddle through stuff on
> Windows machines, but I want to move to Linux and want to read a few
> books so I know what I'm getting into and what to look for when
> various things go wrong.

Anthony, I salute your spirit.

One old-time classic is Matt Welsh's _Running Linux_, now bloated to 976
pages in O'Reilly's fifth edition of that book.  It used to be such 
a spare and easily read thing, too.

Another classic, preferred by many all along, is Mark Sobell's _A
Practical Guide to Linux_.  Mark is (last I checked) on this mailing
list.  http://www.sobell.com/  Notice he also has distro-specific 
variant titles for Ubuntu and Fedora/RHEL[/CentOS].

You might want _Linux in a Nutshell_ (O'Reilly, obviously), as a pure
reference volume, as opposed to tutorial.

Anything special you're looking for?

I concur with (I think it was...) Jim's comment that you should just
dive in, though.

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