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On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 9:13 AM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:

>   there's a possibility that a regular report on
> the developments of your projects would at some
> point trigger a greater level of interest and
> (hopefully) motivation on the part of readers to
> participate.

I have been reluctant to post too much to the Internet, because I didn't
want to bring too much attention to these projects, for a couple different
reasons, some of which might be foolish, others more reasonable.  First, I
was concerned that a MIcrosoft solutions provider might pick up on the post,
and make a sales call on the schools.  This might seem non-sense at first,
but it actually happened at one of the schools.  We lost the Linux lab at
one school, and had to disperse the Linux machines into classrooms.  It was
a setback.  It might not have happened because of a posting to this list,
but until we get funding and can fight back, I prefer to keep a low-profile,
so as to minimize competition from Microsoft solutions providers.

The second reason is that drawing attention to a school can be a mixed
blessing.  Parents and administrators can over-react to lots of attention
being drawn to a school.  I would rather not have too many phone calls
coming to a school because of the Linux initiatives there.

The third reason is that one of the schools has a board which must approve
me blogging about the school.  They are not going to have their next board
meeting until January, and I have not been able to get on the agenda for a
board meeting, due to conflicts between my schedule and the board's

The fourth reason is my concern about over-exposure.  If I were to post here
too regularly with requests for help, people might start tuning me out.

>   consider mentioning the regular wednesday
> evening (6 to 8 or so) linux discussion meeting
> at noisebridge (2169 mission near 18th street),
> which was begun with your needs in mind.

Yes, and thanks for that.
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