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jim jim at well.com
Sun Dec 13 09:13:26 PST 2009

   there's a possibility that a regular report on 
the developments of your projects would at some 
point trigger a greater level of interest and 
(hopefully) motivation on the part of readers to 
   seems to me regularity in itself will help, 
maybe a weekly summary of accomplishments along 
with a boilerplate plea for help along with a 
description of tasks and possible times to help. 

   consider mentioning the regular wednesday 
evening (6 to 8 or so) linux discussion meeting 
at noisebridge (2169 mission near 18th street), 
which was begun with your needs in mind. 
   so far there have been a few people coming, 
some with laptops that they tear open and try 
to fix, others with lots of expertise and a 
willingness to help out. 
   i'm hopeful that over the next few months 
this wednesday evening meeting will develop 
into something interesting and lively. 

On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 19:21 -0800, Christian Einfeldt wrote:
> hi, 
> On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 6:27 PM, Michael Shiloh 
>                 Christian,
>                 How about a start-up that provides a FOSS solution
>                 which employs local Linux community members to teach
>                 and support, eliminates the burden teachers face in
>                 managing technology and does it for 1/3 the cost?
>         This sounds like a great idea. I'm surprised no one has tried
>         this yet. Christian? If anyone has tried this I expect you
>         would hear about it.
>         To what extent is this already fulfilled by volunteer groups?
> Partimus is trying to do this very thing -- fundraise and pay people
> to do what it is that we (Partimus) have been doing since 2004 --
> deploy Linux systems in schools.
> We are now up to four schools, three of which we have been active in
> establishing, one of which we are just loosely supporting (Ascend
> school in Oakland). 
> The problem is money.  Linux has not yet achieved widespread brand
> recognition, and so there is little _perceived_ in Linux systems until
> those systems are demonstrated.  The problem also is the lack of a
> paid, dedicated salesforce to push Linux to schools and other
> institutions.  
> But now, we have Linux systems in three schools in San Francisco, and
> one in Oakland.  We are always in need of volunteers.  In particular,
> we now need someone to help build a back-up server for the school at
> Turk & Pierce; and we also need someone to fix some fairly nasty
> printer problems at that same school.
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