[sf-lug] Trouble getting an Apple iPod to work with Linux

Matthew Petty mjp at petty.me.uk
Thu Nov 19 17:16:56 PST 2009


I hope someone can help me. I have been trying for a long time to get my 
120GB Apple iPod "Classic" to work with my Ubuntu desktop. (It was a gift)
I've chronicled my efforts on my blog. The links are below, but the 
current situation is that it seems to sync up, and shows the iPod to be 
"half full", but then when I disconnect, the iPod says there are no 
music files.


I've tried all sorts of software, I've wiped my iPod and put replacement 
firmware on there, I've done all sorts. Would anyone be able to spare 
some time to help me one-on-one?

Matthew Petty,

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