[sf-lug] Potential GPL violation

Chris Mason mason.christopher.thomas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 10:42:24 PST 2009

OK, thanks for the feedback folks. I suspected the possibility that I
might be off the mark regarding the GPL violation. In retrospect, I'm
glad I phrased that part as a question :D

On a technical level, eldy is clearly not a derivative work....

It still bugs the hell out of me, though, how clearly they are setting
themselves up for future (one year time-frame) price gouging of the
multitude of older folks out there. :\

And I really think the folks developing eldy could have come up with a
better business model than the traditional crack dealer model of
"free until your hooked, then we charge whatever we like".

Perhaps followed Firefox's lead? Release eldy as Free Software with a
default search engine, e-mail, and chat client that can be changed by
anyone... but collect money from google/yahoo/whoever for using their
stuff as the default for those that stick with the default.

(And I suspect most people leave defaults be, when they are
reasonable. Does anyone here *not* use Google Search with Firefox? $$
for Mozilla.)


Chris Mason

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