[sf-lug] SF-LUG DNS (Re: questions and thanks)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 12 12:04:56 PST 2009

You can also ask on the SF-LUG list ... might get (at least some)
answers more quickly that way.

First, with dig, there's also question of what one's running the
queries against.  One can use @ to check against a particular DNS server.
What matters most is what folks see from The Internet at large (at least
in the case of Internet web server, anyway).

One can also use the -trace option (but don't overuse/abuse it - but it
is useful to trace the delegation all the way down, when needed.  Still,
however, one might occasionally need to do some manual checks along the
way - as -trace will check down just one particular (effectively randomly
selected) path of chain of delegation (among multiple possible paths)).

Also, for the specific bits other folks might not know about ... what I did
and didn't (thus far) change in DNS - I haven't (quite yet, anyway)
changed anything in Internet DNS - neither for BALUG.ORG. or SF-LUG.COM.

The only real bits I/we did yesterday (unless it's been taken further by
you or others - I presume you're working on that) was mostly minimal bits
on the relocated physical host to get it back onto the network (and
even that, mostly just concentrated on dom0 host).

Anyway, let me poke a bit more at sf-lug.com. DNS and see what I see (if
you and/or others don't already sort that out sooner than I manage to).

For those playing at home ;-) ... we have:
Silicon Mechanics, updated (moved) on 2009-11-11: network #formerly router #formerly dom0 #formerly sflug domU #formerly balug domU #formerly (useable) (useable) broadcast #formerly
sf-lug.com. was: (that older tower system has been removed
and taken off-line)

I may be (and often am) running significantly behind in reading the
sf-lug list.

Quoting jim <jim at well.com>:

> when i
> $ dig sf-lug.com
> i get
>  # sb 251
> when i use a browser to access http://www.sf-lug.com
> i get
> http://www.sf-lug.com/apache2-default/
> which i believe is served off of the balug vm (252).
> the name servers are listed as
> ns1.sf-lug.com
> ns2.sf-lug.com
> $ dig ns1.sf-lug.com
> shows
> ns1.sf-lug.com.		85611	IN	A
> $ dig ns2.sf-lug.com
> shows
> ns2.sf-lug.com.		85553	IN	A
> i'm guessing that you've copied the dns info from
> the tower to the balug vm and that it is not on
> the sf-lug vm.
> i believe the 198...186 machine is rick moen's.
> how to update the dns servers so
> http://www.sf-lug.com
> works as expected?

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