[sf-lug] more about USB boot sticks - easy peasy

BillHill aropoika at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 20 12:12:12 PDT 2009

Hi folks,
I've also been having problems with getting a bootable usb working on my asus eee netbook - this time trying to install easy peasy (to try it out and see just how its different from eeebuntu, which did install from a memory stick).  I found the appropriate easy peasy-1.5.img.iso file online and got it installed on a usb stick using UNetbootin, also downloaded from online - but the install quits when you choose what to do (live 'cd', install, memory test, etc) - apparently others have had this problem too, as per comments online

--billhill, hoping to be at the sflug meeting monday nite if i can find transportation from home in fairfax as my car clutch just died .

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