[sf-lug] mastering CDs in bulk for Software Freedom Day

David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Sun Aug 30 23:23:43 PDT 2009

One issue I don't see being addressed is who will be the audience for
any CDs that are produced? Will these be given out to people leaving
malls and big-box stores or will be they be taken to Fry's or to a park?

I really liked the results Sameer mentioned as representing the kind of
thinking that can help get free software in use by more people. If I ran
a store that sold GNU/Linux laptops, I'd be sure to have some videos of
spinning cubes playing at the front window.

One thing that could help clarify the CD issue is by asking one question
before handing a CD to them. For example, "Do you use Firefox or a
Mac?". If they say yes, give them a Linux CD(gNewSense or Kongoni would
give them a maximum dose of free software) and if they say no, give them
the OpenDisc. In essence, you're asking if the journey has begun.
Further discussion can be used to determine the best disc for them and
their friends, family, business, etc.

Thanks for reading.

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