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Dennis J Harrison Jr dennisharrison at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 17:44:02 PDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 7:11 PM, vincent
polite<vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've become phone-less at this point in time. I've been thinking it would be
> nice to have something like MagicJack.  And thought this would be the time
> to do it. I would like to put the software/softphone on my laptop. Be able
> to use a headphone/headset, at home, or wherever I am. Have voicemail. And
> do it over the Internet. I guess this is possible, if kluge I together
> different services, and software? I'm not exactly sure how Google Voice
> works. You have to verify your number on a different phone, and a cell phone
> doesn't work. Oy Vey, what's a mother to do? Calgon, take me away!!!
Cell phones have worked for google voice verification several times
for me.  Why do you think they don't?

I am working on a work-a-like to google voice that will use freeswitch
as the middle man between the ui and your sip provider (even if it is
another freeswitch/asterisk/etc box).

But, until I/someone else makes something usable like that (and
certainly after, as well), you have multitudes of options.  What are
your capabilities?  Are you up for running your own sip server?  Do
you have a specific budget in mind?  Are you worried about having
control over configuring a follow-me type situation?

I, personally, if starting from ground 0, get an account with whatever
sip provider gave me the right price and had good reviews (I use
voicepulse primarily because of a long history with them and they go
out of their way for their larger customers, but they do have their
own issues as well... like anyone will.)

You will need to understand the differences between a DID, a channel,
and a traditional 'line' package sold by a traditional voice provider.

Would run freeswitch on a server with available resources (freeswitch
> asterisk if you're going to run it on a vm for sure... especially if
you're new to voip config, as it is easier to learn the nuts and

Once you have your 'home base' (so to speak) setup, then you have
every capability under the sun available to you.

Otherwise, you are pretty much going to have to configure a sip client
based on provider instructions.  Also, softphones are rather lacking
IMO.  The best I've used wrt to softphone was twinkle with a bluetooth
headset.  But I would much rather a hacked iphone with a sip client
over wireless.  Those things have to be getting cheaper these days

Point being in all of this, you have about a bajillion options.  What
will really narrow this down is budget and time available for
investment.  Then you further narrow things down by what features you
need/want.  And then you'll know what to install first :)

Hope this helps,
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