[sf-lug] petition for the freedom to read

toya toya at linefeed.org
Tue Aug 4 14:10:36 PDT 2009


  We believe in the freedom to read

We believe in a way of life based on the free exchange of ideas, in
which books have and will continue to play a central role. Devices like
Amazon's are trying to determine how people will interact with books,
but Amazon's use of DRM to control and monitor users and their books
constitutes a clear threat to the free exchange of ideas.

*That is why we readers, authors, publishers, and librarians demand that
Amazon remove all DRM, including any ability to control or access the
user's library, from the Kindle.*

Amazon's assurances that it will refrain from the worst abuses of this
power do not address the problem. Amazon should not have this power in
the first place. Until they give it up they will be tempted to use it,
or they could be forced to by governments or narrow private interests.
Whatever Amazon's reasons for imposing this control may be, they are not
as important as the public's freedom to use books without interference
or supervision.

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