[sf-lug] Edward Janne's Final Questionnaire for Cultural Anthropology

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Sat Aug 1 11:04:19 PDT 2009

Dear SF-LUG list members,

I'm an animation student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  
As a part of my curriculum I'm taking a cultural anthropology class and I  
elected to study the San Francisco Linux Users Group for my final paper.

The theme of the paper is how being a Linux User informs identity through  
ways of speaking, categories of people and things, and common likes or  
dislikes. My aim is to understand group identity from your point of view. I  
have tried my best to draft the questions to this end, but should you feel  
they are inadequate in any way, please feel free to say so in the response,  
and I welcome any suggestions as to how I might improve them. There are no  
wrong answers.

There are eight questions, none of them mandatory. Some of you may have  
already answered a few on the mailing-list. If so please skip to the ones  
you have not, or feel free to elaborate.

My paper is due at midnight, Wedesday 8/5/2009 but I will be fielding  
responses up till then.

If you would like to receive a copy of my paper, please indicate so at the  
end of the questionnaire, and enter your e-mail in the space provided.

Any data collected here is for the sole purpose of writing my paper and  
will not be used for any other. However, my paper will be graded, and will  
be archived at the Academy of Art University for possible perusal by  
faculty and students.

Thank you all for your kind assistance and I look forward to reading your  

Yours sincerely,
Edward Janne

Course information follows.

Course Number: GS_603_OL5
Course Title: Anthropology: Experiencing Culture
Academy of Art University

I've invited you to fill out the form Edward Janne's Final Questionnaire  
for Cultural Anthropology. To fill it out, visit:

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