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Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 15:42:04 PDT 2009

<linux_humor> In fact, Bill's surname used to be Hendrick before he became a
KDE desktop user </linux_humor>

Larry Kafiero
Fedora 11 KDE user

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 3:07 PM, Bill Kendrick <nbs at sonic.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 10:42:20AM -0700, Edward Janne wrote:
> > Question 4: What programs do you run on Linux?
> On a regular basis:
> Konsole to do a lot of generic day-to-day stuff,
> including SSH'ing to my ISP's shell, so I can run Mutt to check my email,
> or SSH'ing various places to maintain websites and web applications
> (including my day job).
> Amarok to listen to music (local and streaming)
> Konqueror for most web browsing (random pages, daily stuff like bank
> account,
> etc.)
> Firefox for day-job, Facebook, SourceForge and Google (Maps/Calendar)
> browsing
> *grumbles about not being compatible with Konqueror*
> Konversation for chatting with local friends, as well as on a variety of
> OSS project channels on freenode
> Kate for some basic text editing and note taking (though sometimes also vi)
> Gimp for graphics editing/manipulation
> OpenOffice.org for document loading/creation
> Dolphin for some file management (esp. photos off my camera's SD card),
> though most file management is via shell
> vi for lots of editing, including code maintenance (day job and my own OSS)
> mplayer for watching local (vs. streamed via Flash) video files
> > Does software that starts out exclusively Linux often get ported to
> > other platforms? What is the motivation for this? Beyond being open
> > source, what functionality is unique to Linux?
> "GNU/Linux," what I consider the 'operating system' (kernel plus
> lots of userspace tools and glue), is what makes Linux a lot easier to
> deal with than other platforms.  Environments like Cygwin on Windows can
> help, a _little_, but generally you cannot get past the fact that you're
> running on a cumbersome, buggy, and poorly designed OS and GUI.
> So sure, you can get a lot of OSS stuff for Windows and Mac, including
> a lot of KDE (my desktop environment of choice), but it's just not as
> smooth and enjoyable.[*]
> I've found very little reason to care about running non-Linux, especially
> since I stopped doing for BREW devices.  (That's just bad-on-bad, with
> a twist of horrid USB drivers, coupled with terrible device-specific
> implementation issues with BREW itself.  When I did J2ME, we at least had
> saner dev. tools, and I could do all dev. and 'emulator'-based testing
> under Linux.  It totally changed my attitude towards my job, at the time.
> :) )
> [*] Despite recent audio-related annoyances.
> -bill!
> (ramble? who, me?)
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