[sf-lug] quick report on saturday's Tech Fair

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 29 11:41:48 PDT 2009

jim s: 
> what kind of help do you need 

thanks for the reply!  

in my last email, i outlined several upcoming tasks that i could use help with:

1-inventorying the small 'fleet' of machines we keep in a basement closet there.

2-triage, upgrade and maintenance of the fleet.

3-establish one, possibly two dual-boot Ubuntu/Windows machines in their drop-in lab.  
3a-assist in monitoring that test.

4-...this one is still vague, but we [linux enthusiasts] need to start _being there_ a couple of predictable times a month.  courtesy of Christian's efforts, we've now got a fledgling Linux community down there.  it's time to grow it.

st. anthony's wants more linux presence down there, and currently they see SF-LUG as being that presence.

this could be expressed in a variety of ways; 
currently it's a day of linux outreach during their quarterly 'tech fairs'.  ryan, karl and kari want to see more of us.  they've offered access to facilities down there, have _reminded me_ that they _want_ to test out dual-boot systems in the drop-in lab, and they enthusiastically support the idea of some sort of linux group meeting down there regularly.  

it's up to us how we proceed on this. if we wish we can expand SF-LUG's influence, exploit existing tools such as our own wiki or forum and announce a third monthly meeting to be held downtown at st. anthony's.

this reminds me:  some of the conversations i had with attendees were very provocative.  one guy, upon being handed an Xubuntu disc _immediately_ asked about how one goes about getting 'linux certification', in other words it was a request for exactly the sort of 'red hat certification' group that jim was trying to kickstart here 2 years ago.

i don't want to natter on about this, as i know there are much more important threads going on right now with the Sf-LUG list.  on the other hand, i do want all members to know that we have a _big_ opportunity for both Linux and ourselves opening up downtown, and the door is being held open for us.  all we need to do is share some of our [limited, scattered] time.

jim s:
> and whom do we 
> contact to get involved? 

right now, just me.  
lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net 

i hope to hear from some of you soon!  this has been a really fun, rewarding volunteer effort for me.  i'd love to see more of you directly involved.

your humble mail admin,

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