[sf-lug] Interesting new game for Linux

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 21:11:47 PDT 2009


Frictional Games has ported some cool, scary games for Linux.  The games are
called the Penumbra series, and basically it is a horror survival game.  You
have to run around a dark Greenland mind fighting zombie dogs and evading
infected humans.  The coolest thing about the game is that the physics
engine makes gravity work just like you would expect it to.  Here is the
compressed link to a blog about the games:


Here is the uncompressed link:


Frictional games has the game on sale for $5 USD from tomorrow through
Monday morning.  You might like it if you are a gamer.  And hey, for $5 USD,
it is a great way to support a small company that is supporting Linux.

c u
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