[sf-lug] Multi-LUG booth at OSCON's .ORG pavillion IS HAPPENING! [July 22/23, San Jose]

nbs nbs at sonic.net
Thu Jul 16 15:02:08 PDT 2009

As a follow-up to my last post, where I said:

> Surprise news just came in!  There is now a booth available in the
> .ORG pavillion at OSCON next week.  I've been asked if we (the LUGs of the
> area) are still interested in the space.

Jim Stockford from SF-LUG has offered to help organize.  Sent via Ron Wellman:

  "I have just spoken to Jim, and on his behalf I am saying yes,
  collectively we will set it up.
  Of course we do need volunteers for wed and thurs."

Jim's email address is:  jim AT well DOT com

Sameer, Leigh and Ajay have so far offered to help staff the booth.
I'm about to update this web page with the current info:


Send Jim and I your details if you want to help, and I'll add you to the
volunteer chart at the bottom of the page.

Thanks Ron, Jim, and everyone!

PS - Repeat note from all of my previous blasts:
     I'm sending this to either the discussion mailing list, or whatever
     contact email address I could find via your LUG's website.
     Feel free to pass this along as you see fit!

Bill Kendrick
root at lugod.org
Linux Users' Group of Davis

(Your address: sf-lug at linuxmafia.com )

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