[sf-lug] Books for kids about programming

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Tue Jul 14 03:12:37 PDT 2009

A few years ago (2004?) I decided it would be a neat idea to write
a book about programming for kids.  Maybe do it collaboratively, and
release it under a nice open license.  I asked around (including this list)
to figure out what modern language would be suitable for kids, and almost
everyone said Python.

Fast forward to 30 minutes ago.  I have not written a book, though the idea
has been in the back of my mind.  Then I come across this book review over
at Slashdot:


And one of the comments leads me to:


So apparently, while I was snoozing[*], TWO books have been created.
"Hello World!" is a print book, written by a father/son team.
"How to Think Like a Computer Scientist" is a collab'd book at the
Open Book Project.

How nifty is that!? :)

[*] Changing jobs a few times, having our first baby, and moving back and
    forth between towns. ;)  Oh, and developing/maintaining Tux Paint,
    and helping run a Linux User Group, too!

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