[sf-lug] Any one have experience with this old laptop?

PMPope pmpope at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 14:02:07 PDT 2009

Hello Bobby,

I recently found myself laptop-less. Crup! I accidentally stumbled into 
that  Goodwill store (located at Van Ness & Mission). Fridays after 
12:00pm, it seems that their 'new' inventory of recycled computers hit 
the shelves. I picked up a Dell Inspiron for  $30 (flat) I brought it 
back to the lab and liberated it with a Debian Squeeze. Not the 'BEST OF 
THE BEST.' but what the hey. I use it for experimental ferment and to 
keep up my chops. I could do alot worse. Did I remember to tell you it 
only cost me $30.00 (USD)?

Happy hunting!

EdgeLabs SFCA <www.edgedata.blogspot.com>

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