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CE, & SFLUGers - forwarding to you, cause
a) I mentioned sflug & st anthonys - so you see where your efforts get
sent to,
b) you all might have an intereest in keeping up with projects like W4N
is working on.


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Welcome, W4N :)

Where did you learn about BerkeleyTIP? Have you joined the online voice
meeting yet?

On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 20:52:46 -0700 (PDT), "wayward4now"
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> I work for a non-Profit out of Raleigh NC, "Community Success
> Initiative". We deal with Ex-Cons who are getting out of prison. I've
> been working towards introducing Linux computer instruction within
> NCDOC. I worked at RedHat 1999-2000 when Bob Young was still there.
> So, with RedHat being mostly North Carolina based, I think we should
> have a shot. I'm using Sun's "Wonderland" project for my prison EDU
> project with a 3D environment to host audio/video lessons within it.

Cool :)  Maybe BTIP could look into using that technology.  I've thought
about 2nd Life.

> Most Cons/Inmates (there IS a difference!) do not read/write well. So,
> we're to deliver course materials via this medium. It's far more fun
> than it is a living.  <chuckles> I'm looking down the shotgun barrels
> of turning 60, so I'm doing what I find Joy in. Ric

Good for you. :)

_Somewhat_ related, you might be interested in the work Christian
Einfeldt is doing in SanFrancisco regarding helping get people learn
about, use & install Linux sw at a non profit center St Anthonys.  He
posts invitations to attend on the SFLUG mailing list, where you can
read more about it.

sf-lug] Reminder! Tomorrow is the Tenderloin Computer Help Day event
[sf-lug] tech help day at st. anthony's
[sf-lug] Tenderloin Computer Help Day! What a Blast!


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