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opietro at yahoo.com opietro at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 13:54:30 PDT 2009


Any advice on the following problem would be much appreciated. (I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS [Dapper Drake] and OpenOffice 2.0.2):

 I'm unable to save documents in OpenOffice. I get this error when I try to save a Writer file or Calc spreadsheet file:

         "Due to an unexpected error, OpenOffice.org crashed. ..."

I tried different option settings in OpenOffice.org, and I tried to reinstall OpenOffice.org, packages, but nothing helps. Thank you.

Owen Pietrokowsky

Owen Pietrokowsky,  
Editor, writer 
Biotech, high-tech, linux, materials science
opietro at yahoo.com


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