[sf-lug] Canon printer under linux

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 10:47:00 PDT 2009

Mom and I got tired of slow print speeds and the ecodisaster of tossing printers away from ruined printheads when Dad just kept trying to print after the cartridge/s dried up .  After some research , we got a canon ip4200 for under $80 on sale And spent over $180 on a fancy Australian ciss. so Dad will see when it's running out of ink .  I need to support w98se and this printer does that .  I also need linux support and checked on linuxprinting before purchase .  We used to use a canon all in one , 180 I believe , with a driver from Canon Australia .  Weve been canon for some time now and rarely use anything but 300 or 600 dpi draft grayscale mode .  We used to use Epson printers but they wasted so much ink priming that we had to stop .  Honestly , depending on how one does the accounting , photo yellow ink in cartridges often costs more than gold .  If you want to risk that the printhead may have dried out and the sponge got full , I have an
 ip2000 hanging out .  The cartridges don't hold much but often only cost one dollar .  - Bruce

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