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Just a reminder that there will be another Tenderloin Computer Help Day
tomorrow, Saturday, March 21, 2009, from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 150 Golden
Gate Avenue between Jones and Leavenworth


In the past, we have had good turn-out from the Linux crowd, but this time
we would like to also ask people to take a moment to sign up in advance, at
the links provided at that page.  Thanks either way for considering my
request!  The announcement of the event at the above-linked page is as


Tenderloin Computer Help Days

Network Ministries, St Anthony Foundation and other Tenderloin agencies
strive to increase technology use by offering computer classes and labs. But
many Tenderloin residents may have old or obsolete computer equipment and
software is often too expensive.

Event goals:
1. To create a community of computer users in the Tenderloin,
2. Make Clients more comfortable in mainstream society
3. Make technology and computer repair culturally and financially accessible

At this event, volunteers provide free technical support, demonstrate and
install open source operating and virus protection software and provide
one-on-one computer and Internet tutoring.  rticipants will register in
advance for whatever services they need.

1. Hospitality - Greet participants and direct them to the appropriate

During the event, volunteers greet people on the street and invite them to
come up to the event. Volunteers then meet people at the top of the stairs
and ask a few questions about their needs for the event. Repair needs are
referred to the Repair Room. Workshop are directed to a classroom. Others
are directed to the computer stations in the computer lab for more
information and individual attention.

Volunteers are needed to set up and refresh refreshments for the volunteers
and participants, to welcome volunteers and participants and to direct
participants to the appropriate activity. Volunteers may also be asked to
distribute information about the event to people outside the event.

2.  Tech Triage and Tech Support - Provide simple technical support for
existing computers sign up here

The Tech Triage volunteer matches incoming users with the
technicalvolunteers best suited to help them.  Each participant makes an
appointment in advance. When they make their appointment and repair request,
they are interviewed for basic information about their problem, the
specifications of their machines, and operating systems (if known). When the
participant arrives for their repair appointment, the Tech Triage volunteer
quickly assesses the broad outlines of the user's needs, and sends them to
most suitable available tech volunteer for those problems.

If the problem cannot be solved with the resources at the event, the Triage
Volunteer may provide other options or solutions for their problems. The
Tech Triage Volunteer must be familiar with Windows and Linux-based
operating systems and PC-based hardwared and software. Friendly, outgoing
and bi-lingual preferred.

Tech support volunteers work with computer problems that may include:

1.   Hardware and software problem diagnosis
2.   Installing and demonstrating software updates and trouble-shooting
hardware problems
3.   Installing and demonstrating anti-virus and privacy protection software
4.   Performing simple repairs to existing personal computer equipment.

Volunteers bring items that would help in the repair of PC's. For example:
* tools such as screw drivers and needle nose pliers
* install CDs (OSes, virus scanners, etc)
* blank CDs
* spare computer parts (old HDs, power supplies, cables, etc)
* And anything else they think may be useful

3.  One-on-one Tutoring and Advice - Provide one-on-one tutoring to
demonstrate how to browse the Internet to find useful information and
resources. sign up now

Volunteers work one-on-one with Tenderloin residents to demonstrate software
and online resources that will help with their daily lives. Topics are
determined by the clients and their interests. Possible topics include job
search and casual labor resources, how to set up an email account, online
GED or other classes, Internet safety, how to make a simple flyer, and
additional training opportunities. No previous teaching or training
experience necessary - just patience and enthusiasm.

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