[sf-lug] That Dell Dimension 2400

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Fri Jan 23 19:56:48 PST 2009

Ken Shaffer wrote:
> Hi Bobbie,
> Does the hard disk spin up?  When they freeze, you don't get much.  I 
> had one which I had to whack with
> a pencil to free it up after is sat unused over a weekend.  Western 
> Digital admitted to a hardware issue
> and replaced it.
> Good Luck
> Another Amiga Fan (have you seen the Cloanto emulation?)
> Ken 
    The light for what it is worth comes on but the BIOS doesn't show at 
so whether the drive spins or not is immaterial it seems to me.

    The Inspiron 4000 is working fine but running linux it has problems
sending the video to an external monitor so I am using an external
kb and mouse to control it most of the time while my great monitor
is setting behind the loose laptop screen to hold it in position.

    But I am getting stuff done and the printer is now working.

    Yes I have the Cloanto "Amiga Forever" from a couple of years ago.
You wouldn't know how to run it under Mandriva?  The Windows partition
won't even load so I cannot recover it presently but I may have the
needed files on another old hard drive and may be able to get it
working again.  Not really sure that I want to do that except to play
CathAngband or another dungeon crawl.
    You know setting up the Farallon card to run with Knoppix was a pain
and it wasn't properly recognized under the version of Mephis I had
but Mandriva got it correct without having to look up the chip set.

    Bobbie Sellers

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