[sf-lug] Intrepid desktop not fitting on screen....

Blake Haggerty Blake.Haggerty at Sapphire.com
Fri Jan 23 08:55:01 PST 2009

Friend of mine saw my Ubuntu setup and wanted to try it himself. I went over to his house last night and setup a dual boot on his machine. His computer is connected to a Mitsubishi LCD 46" television. Via DVI 2 HDMI I was able to get all the Nvidia drivers installed on it running in what should be the correct resolution 1920x1080, But the desktop does not fit on the screen. (Cant see the toolbar, Applications, System, Places...etc)


Everything I have googled just talks about resolution and how to change that. I can change the resolution but it doesn't really help (makes everything really ugly and still doesn't completely fit on screen)  


I have this working on my home computer but I cant remember for the life of me how I did it, (I do remember it took some fiddling) I tried using my xorg.conf which did not work.


Any Ideas? 



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