[sf-lug] need help getting proper geocode data for google maps

jim jim at well.com
Tue Jan 20 14:38:09 PST 2009

   need help with map specifications: 

   the snippet below is from the sf-lug.com web site's 
top-level page, index.php (to which i've made small changes). 

   within that file was a 
code block that echo'd some html. within the html 
stream was the following data that invokes google maps 
and has it present the location of the javacat cafe. 

echo ", from $mtg_time</b>, at the <a href=
+CA&ie=UTF8&latlng=37780310,-122478839,9880609735190790817&ei=ksruRuS8E6DKjAP2z8yXDQ&sig2=CX8HEtC3fQw_EOZ4LGi_PQ&cd=7\">Javacat cafe</a>, on Geary at 20th Ave in San Francisco."

   i'd like to modify it to present the location of 
the cafe euro. i've gotten this far: 

echo ", from $mtg_time</b>, at the <a href=
+CA&ie=UTF8&latlng=37779932,-122485361,9880609735190790817&ei=ksruRuS8E6DKjAP2z8yXDQ&sig2=CX8HEtC3fQw_EOZ4LGi_PQ&cd=7\">Javacat cafe</a>, on Geary at 26th Ave in San Francisco."

   for those who don't speak martian, the difference is 
that the bottom version has changed the latlng data from 
i.e. from specifying javacat to specifying cafe euro. 

   but it doesn't work. i think it will if 
is adjusted properly. 

   how to get that data? 

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