[sf-lug] [JOB POSTING] (kind of) [Fwd: Interesting Opportunity]

jim jim at well.com
Sat Jan 17 09:23:36 PST 2009

Not really a job posting, and I don't represent this company but I did
see this and thought it would be interesting to the group. But I wanted
to send it to you just to follow the job posting rules.
A company here in SF named Yorba is looking for people to build
multimedia apps for Gnome. They are interested in video editing
software, photo editing...etc and I know allot of people have talked
about what should I use for this...etc
They are looking for fulltime, parttime and occasional contributors.
Sounds like some great opportunities for people who are trying to break
into the industry. 
Blake Haggerty
Permanent Placement Specialist
Sapphire Technologies U.S., a Randstad company
27 Maiden Lane
San Francisco, CA 94108
(p) (415) 788-8488
(f) (415) 788-2592

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