[sf-lug] problems re-enabling sound after suspend on a Thinkpad

Sam Geffner sgeffner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 22:44:30 PST 2009

 I am trying to *fix the sound on a A21M Thinkpad  running Hardy Heron.  The
problem is that sound is muted when I wake from a suspend or hibernate.*
I have been cruising the forums to try to find a solution. It seems a common
Thinkpad problem and people report varying success with the different
solutions offered.  I have found that If, after waking the laptop from
suspend I do:

sudo alsa force-reload

and then close and reload the programs using the Alsa mixer, typically VLC,
then sound returns.

Is there any file that Ubuntu Hardy runs on a Thinkpad coming out of suspend
mode [or hibernation] that I could somehow slip the "sudo alsa force-reload"
into?   I just downloaded Intrepid I. and wonder if anyone has experience
with that doing better with sound issues?

Sam Geffner
sgeffner at gmail.com
415-793-3562 cel

"That which makes our task difficult is part of the task."
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