[sf-lug] Router reported "active user list"

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 19:49:11 PST 2009

I have an Actiontec Router that, under its "Status" menu offers a "Active User List." It reports "type," Mac Address, and IP address of connected computers. "Type" specifies whether the IP is DHCP assigned or static. I've discovered that an Ubuntu server box which is configured to have a static IP address, does NOT appear on the list, while a Debian static IP box does.
An M$ machine shows up as does an Ubuntu laptop (both DHCP.)

STATIC 00:e0:7d:b8:6e:47                   # the Debian box
DHCP   00:0c:41:e8:56:1b        mckenzie     # MS Windows
DHCP   00:0e:35:76:45:3f        ipmtp        # Ubuntu laptop
                        # Ubuntu server doesn't show up
What's up with that?



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