[sf-lug] how to whack crackers

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jan 5 18:03:41 PST 2009

I wrote:

> Yes.  One of the points of my "Attacking Linux" article is that 
>    Even if your machines don't cause you that order of embarrassment,
>    the other risks are equally grim: you can reveal confidential data with
>    business and/or personal consequences, lose that data entirely, see it
>    corrupted or sabotaged, be involved in wrongful or even criminal
>    activity, lose access to your computing resources, and indirectly cause
>    harm to your staff and business associates. Your Website can be defaced
>    or modified, or visitors might be redirected by sabotaged company DNS
>    servers to entirely different sites.

Yr. humble correspondent would never be caught using a barbarism like
"Website".  As submitted, the article said "Web site", but then it was
screwed up manually by copyeditors to satisfy the publisher's house style.

Ditto the article's reference to two Linux network clients as "Telnet"
and "FTP":  Those lettercase errors were strictly publisher-induced damage.
(On the bright side, I got paid.)

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