[sf-lug] 7th & 8th grade sci teacher now using primarily Ubuntu

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 14:54:33 PST 2008


I met a couple of hours ago with the 7th & 8th grade science teacher at our
local public middle school migration project.  I am pleased to say that he
solved an audio problem by himself, and, more importantly, that he values
his Ubuntu partition enough to use it on a daily basis and far more
frequently than his Microsoft Windows partition.

His problem was that he was not able to play sound at all.  He says that he
believes it had something to do with PulseAudio versus ALSA.  If I
understand him correctly, he said that he switched to ALSA, and that solved
his problem.

We have worked for 4.5 years for this day -- the day when a teacher at the
school would use a GNU-Linux partition on a daily basis.  This teacher could
become a leader at the school for Free Open Source Software.  Or, could be
viewed as a freak outlier case, and an exception that proves the rule.  Only
time will tell.

But the point is that little bit by little bit we have moved the school to
the point where a teacher has _chosen_ GNU-Linux because it is best of
breed.  Maybe as more Windows partitions fail we will see other teachers
make a similar choice.  This gives me great hope.
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