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On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 06:46:55 -0500, "don warner saklad"
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> Thank you John!
> On 12/13/08, john_re <john_re at fastmail.us> wrote:
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> > For a start, here are some computers with Ubuntu Linux, which uses much
> > GNU software.
> >
> > http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/linux_3x?c=us&cs=19
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> > On Wed, 10 Dec 2008 21:49:51 -0800 (PST), "thezak"
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> > > Where can a senior citizen computer neophyte get a gnu/linux computer
> > > that works out of the box?... where are such gnu/linux computers
> > > available?... all set up and ready for gnubies.

People have also recommended ACCRC.org (Berkeley, San Francisco Bay
Area) & Zareason.com .

RMS switched to an OLPC about 6 months ago, from his old IBM thinkpad,
IIRC.  The olpc had only one piece of non free sw, for the wifi, which
he could disable. Shortly thereafter, the OLPC project announced they
would make Windows sw available on the olpc, & RMS said something like
"we should not promote OLPC because they sold us out."

About a year ago, RMS gave a talk at UC Berkeley, & said there were only
2 distros he considered fully free - Ututu.org, & one other I don't
recall.  I don't know any company that sells computers with ututu.

=====  ACCRC refurbs donated computers with Linux sw & donates them to
worthy entities - schools, or persons with low income - perhaps a senior
citizen would qualify.  With the decline in scrap prices, ACCRC is under
financial stress - perhaps they will have to limit their refurb

=====  Zareason is a family business supporting only Linux sw. They are
active members in the SFBA community, & were at LinuxWorld in SF this
past august. They have had a review this past week:

ZaReason Makes Desktop Linux A Breeze

Portrait: ZaReason founder Cathy Malmrose
Getting to Know ZaReason’s CEO
What They're Using: Christian Einfeldt, Producer, the Digital Tipping
ZaReason (and Other Independents) Outshine the Big Boys

===== Pre-installed Linux
The Pre-Installed Linux Vendor Database

===== Here's a guy who know's a bit about Debian, & mentioned that Acer
sells some Linux.
Acer Aspire One and Linux

=====  You didn't mention if you wanted a desktop or laptop, local
retail store or online, pure GNU or mere Linux, & where in the world you

I'll forward this message to svlug.org & sflug if I get a chance, they
have active user communities & might have some further suggestions. Look
on their maling list archives, or you can email them too.

Where do you live?  How did you decide to mail this GNU list with your
question?  Did you also ask on some local to you group list?  :)

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