Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Sun Dec 7 14:12:14 PST 2008

Lx Rudis wrote:
> sorry for the late notice, guys.
> for today, we've moved the sflug meeting to Cafe' Euro, on the corner of geary  blvd and 26th avenue - six blocks west of javacat.
> sorry for the inconvenience and last minute change!!!!
> your humble admin
> lx

	And Cafe Euro is very nice cafe with unsecured wireless net access 
and lots of very fresh looking pastries.  The decafe soy latte was a 
bit rough though compared to Javacat.  The decorations
are in progress.

	The meeting was limited to about 5 people including one new
member Susie, Daniel G. showed up, Vincent and a couple of other 
folks whose name escapes me.  The talk was not too technical.
I guess Lx got too tired from going back and forth to get the
data on the location.

	I left about 1:05 PM and took a packed 38 back to Hyde Street.  No 
one had brought a computer today afaik.

	I think we should settle on this location as the default
if Javacat is closed in the future at a meeting time.

	Bobbie Sellers aka bliss at sfo dot com

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