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not sure whether it will help,but:


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> I wrote:
> > If only the G1 weren't, in general, even more locked down than is
> > Apple's iPhone:  It's DRM-locked from the ground up, including the
> > (non-reflashable) boot ROMs.
> Interesting recent news item:
> http://gizmodo.com/5100952/t+mobile-g1-net-access-cant-be-turned-off-results-in-huge-roaming-costs/
>  T-Mobile G1 Net Access Can't Be Turned Off, Results in Huge Roaming Costs
>  by Sean Fallon, 2:05 PM on Tue Dec 2 2008
>  According to our tipster, taking your G1 abroad may not be financially
>  wise.  Apparently, his data roaming bill rang up at $102.85 -- even
>  though data roaming, data sync and 3G were turned off.
>  How could this happen you ask? Well, after returning home from the UK,
>  he called T-Mobile customer service to discuss his bill. After a lengthy
>  series of conversations, a supervisor revealed that the G1 always
>  accesses the Internet whether you are sending text messages or
>  calls -- even when the data roaming features are off. In the end, his
>  advice was that "the phone should have been left in the USA to avoid
>  these charges."
>  Naturally, there was no mention of this when he made his initial call to
>  T-Mobile before his trip to get international calling and text added.
>  All they said was data roaming would be charged at $10 per MB and that
>  if he did not access the Internet everything would be fine. As it turns
>  out, he was charged approx $.15 every 3-7 minutes on average -- but not
>  all of it was from calls and texts. In his words, it was "almost as if
>  the phone is pinging."
>  In a situation like this I am compelled to ask whether or not any of you
>  have experienced similar issues with the G1. Could it really be
>  accessing the Internet this much?
> You'll notice that oddly absent from the account is _why_ the G1 needs
> to "always access the Internet".  Call me a cynic, but I can think of a
> number of reasons an embedded network-capable device might have a
> carefully undocumented habit of "always access[ing] the Internet", none
> of them good.
> Now, naturally, Android being Linux-based, it'll be possible to track
> down and study what process is doing this.  On an _unlocked_ smartphone,
> it would be possible to disable or modify whatever cruddy code is doing
> that -- but the G1 is anything but unlocked.  It'll boot only the
> crypto-signed kernel that T-Mobile built and authorised for it, the copy
> of init they want you to run, and so on.
> It's like an iPhone that Steve Jobs continues to own, and you merely
> paid for -- except worse.
> > Places to watch / read include:
> > http://clonedroidphone.com/
> [...]
> Add:  http://www.talkandroid.com/
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