[sf-lug] Windows refund in Israel

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As Niv Lilian reports at Ynet News, Haifa (and the Haifa Linux
Zvi Devir just preferred to run Linux rather than the pre-installed Windows
on his newly bought Dell computer, and didn't want to pay for the unwanted
Windows system. Now Devir has prevailed, after a fight in Israeli
small-claims court, to become the first Israeli to obtain a Windows
in Hebrew <http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3632367,00.html>),
winning the $137 that Windows added to the cost of his machine and escaping
the nondisclosure agreement that Dell had wanted him to abide by as a
condition. Perhaps others will follow his lead. *Update: 12/03 23:02 GMT* by
* T <http://www.monkey.org/%7Etimothy/> *: Zvi Devir wrote with an update:
"BTW, the settlement was out of court, before any court sessions took place.
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